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Clash of Clans Gold Mine – Builder Base

By April 21st, 2022No Comments
  • The Gold Mine is unlocked at Builder Hall level two.
  • The Gold Mine collects Builder Gold from an unlimited underground reserve and stores it until collected by the player and placed into a Gold Storage. When the mine is full, production will be stopped until it is collected.
  • The production rate and storage capacity depends on the level of the Gold Mine. One can estimate the amount of resources in the mine by looking at the cart at the right side of the mine.
  • The Gold Mine takes up a 3×3 space.
  • When you choose to upgrade a Gold Mine, it will automatically collect any uncollected Builder Gold. Note that if your Gold Storages are full at that time, the uncollected Builder Gold will be lost! During the upgrade, the mine stops producing Builder Gold.
  • Unlike the Gold Mine in the Home Village, the Builder Gold produced by the Gold Mine in the Builder Base isn’t at risk even if it is destroyed.
  • At each level, the production per hour and its Builder Gold capacity are such that the Gold Mine always fills in 24 hours. This is much unlike the Home Village version, where lower leveled Gold Mines fill within a few hours but higher leveled Gold Mines take a few days to completely fill.

This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It uses material from the Gold Mine/Builder Base article.