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Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 11 is coming!

By August 13th, 2022No Comments

Clash of Clans is getting a huge update very soon, the Town Hall 11 update! With the new change comes a new way and strategies to play the game.
Supercell has been slowly unveiling the various changes the update will bring, among them changes to shields, trophies, base defense and much more.
Jonas, a Clash of Clans developer, gave an interview today in an attempt to clarify some of the changes, explain the thinking behind some others, and in general provide more details to the community about where Supercell wants the game to go.

1:02 – Why make these complex changes?
7:51 – What is going to happen with farming/is farming dead?
12:27 – Clearing up personal break changes!
15:51 – Possibility of victorious defense bonus?
16:49 – Focusing only on trophy pushers this update?
18:44 – Is it going to be harder to find bases now?
21:16 – Are defenseless bases obsolete?
24:36 – Arranged wars & future of Clan Wars
29:05 – Final words from Jonas

Some Changes:

– Available loot is now distributed to the Town Hall as well as storages with Town Halls containing a share of loot equal to one Gold Storage, One Elixir Storage, and 1/4 Dark Elixir storage (these storage numbers increase by Town Hall level).
– Town Halls can’t be looted if they aren’t destroyed completely.
– Town Hall and Clan Castle now count as resource buildings, which means Goblins can smack them for double damage.
– All League Bonuses have been significantly increased, League Bonus loot is now progressive from 0-100% based on destruction percentage of a victorious attack, and 100% League Bonus is earned at 70% destruction.
– Clash of Clans also hinted at a third hero. Not much information has been released about the third hero and we are only given a glimpse of the character, but some believe that the new Clash of Clans hero will be a warlock or wizard from the book, the staff, and the hat.
Clash of Clans Wizard Hero