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Clash of Clans: New Unit The Lava Hound Revealed

By August 12th, 2022No Comments

clash-clans lava houndThe Clash of Clans Lava Hound is an air unit that players can unlock when they reach Town Hall 9. The main focus of the Lava Hound is that it targets the air defenses of the enemy. It is to be noted that this unit is mainly for distraction.
When the Lava Hound dies, it throws out the Lava Pups or mini minions which target and deal damage to anything in its range. However, Lava Pups are easy to shoot down.
The video below will show how the Lava Hound can be made a part of the attack strategy. We see that the attack on the enemy will be effective if players attack with both the Lava Hound and the Air Balloons, where after all the Lava Hounds were dead and there were still the Air Balloons that took out the enemy defenses. So when the air defenses were concentrating on the Lava Hounds, Dragons, Minions and Balloons take them down.