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Clash of Clans Skeleton

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  • Skeletons are troops the Witch summons to help her fight.
  • They are similar to Barbarians in attack damage, but have lower health and move faster.
  • The Skeleton gives out the same amount of damage per second as the level 1 Witch.

Offensive Strategy

  • Skeletons act like Barbarians to Witches.

Defensive Strategy

  • Witches in your Clan Castle will summon hordes of Skeletons to confront the enemy.
Preferred TargetAttack TypeMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRange
NoneMelee (Ground Only)241s0.4 tiles
Damage per SecondDamage Per AttackHitpoints

Clash of Clans Troops

Tier 1Barbarian • Archer • Goblin
Tier 2Giant • Wall Breaker • Balloon • Wizard
Tier 3Healer • Dragon • P.E.K.K.A
Dark Elixir TroopsMinion • Hog Rider • Valkyrie • Golem • Golemite • Witch • Skeleton
HeroesBarbarian King • Archer Queen
SpellsLightning Spell • Healing Spell • Rage Spell • Jump Spell • Freeze Spell

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