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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: 4-6 Archer Rain: Mid-Level Attacking

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Try this effective attack strategy for Town Hall level 4-6.

Town Hall Level:
Trophy Level:
Introduction:This strategy will not always mean a victory; it’s how many troops you can hold. I would recommend you get a level 5 Town Hall first, but if you TH4 and not having any luck attacking, you can try this out.Warning: This is a Trophy Raid.
Army Composition:
Troop TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Lightning Spells1

If you have extra space, fill that up with Balloons or Giants (preferrably Giants because of Air Defenses).

Execution:Now you must choose wisely! You must find villages that have at least around 2,000-5,000 Elixirless than what you spent on your army. Once you have found a village, follow these steps:

  1. Send a single Archer on any unprotected buildings. It is important that you learn the ranges of defenses.
  1. Surround any defenses outside of Walls with 5-10 Archers. Put them in a circle, as if you were attacking a Wizard Tower.
  1. Now here’s the fun part! Go for the Mortar (or Mortars) to destroy them with 10-15Barbarians. If that doesn’t work, put the rest of your Barbarians to “meat-shield” the 10-20Archers you’re going to deploy. If you have them, now’s the time to put yourBalloons/Giants to help with the defenses.
  1. Deploy the rest of your Archers in small groups of 5-8. Don’t deploy them into one big group!
  1. Use your Lightning Spell if needed (if you have it).
  1. Sit back and enjoy the mayhem!
Conclusion:If you want a good raid for loot, find one with 5,000-10,000 more Elixir that you spent and replace the Archers with Goblins. It’s a good way to get resources!

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