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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: Any – Advanced Barbarian Rush

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Try this effective attack strategy for Town Hall Level Any.

Town Hall Level:
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Introduction:Barbarians are cheap, have fast training time, have high hitpoints and do moderate damage. Level 3 and up Barbarians will quickly destroy most bases, especially when deploying 200 after using 2 Lightning Spells on a Mortar or Wizard Tower. If you can Barbarian rush perfectly, you can do anything.

  1. Avoid large pocketed bases, such as villages with each defensive building surrounded byWalls. This will destroy your whole army.
  2. If you find a low-level village with a Mortar under construction but an active Wizard Tower,Lightning Spell the Wizard Tower and aim soley for the Wizard Tower. If the Wizard Toweris in the middle of the village, make sure to use TWO Lightning Spells, or your large mass of Barbarians will be mowed down.
  3. If the base is surrounded by one big wall, ALWAYS ATTACK IT (unless the resource count is very low). To get 3 stars with ease, look for where the Mortar and Wizard Tower is closest. Use 10 Barbarians to distract the Mortar if it is in range of the wall. If not deploy allBarbarians on a corner of exposed side. DO NOT DEPLOY THEM ONE EVERY SIDE. Doing this will lessen the strength of the Barbarians, ruining your army as the Mortar kills them all.
  4. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE 200 BARBARIANS, THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE INVICIBLE. I had an experience where I thought I could 3-star a level 6 Town Hall base. I deployed all my Barbarians at the Mortar, since it was exposed. The base had no Wizard Tower, which was a big mistake. The village owner funneled all 200 of my Barbarians into A GIANT BOMB. Yeah. I underestimated an “easy” base.
  5. Upgrade your Army Camps to its max level. Five extra units might not sound like a lot, but for every 10 Barbarians you add to your army, that’s an extra 100 damage.
  6. TOWN HALL 7 STRATEGY ONLY. When you get your level 3 Spell Factory, use the third spell slot for a Healing Spell to keep your Barbarians alive. I strongly disagree with a Rage Spell, because the damage increase doesn’t help; a large mass of Barbarians will one-shot anything even without it.
  7. TOWN HALL 9 STRATEGY ONLY. If your army capacity is 220, use 14 of the 20 extra spaces for a Healer. A fully-leveled Healer heals about one-third of a level 5 and 6Barbarian.
  8. Base composition. Is the village’s Mortar or Wizard Tower on the outside of a village? Take advantage of a Mortar’s blind spot and deploy all Barbarians next to the wall in front of it, because a Mortar can’t shoot over a single layer of wall. (Anything more than one layer = aMortar massacre.)
  9. Wizard Towers are more dangerous to your Barbarians than a Mortar. This can even more deadly if the tower is behind walls. I would personally Lightning Spell the Wizard Towerover a Mortar. As explained in tip #6, the Healing Spell will heal most of the damage from the Mortar faster than a Wizard Tower. (Wizard Towers fire every 1.2 seconds, whileMortars fire every 5.)
  10. Want to have a better chance of 3-starring? Sacrifce defensive power for offensive power by asking clanmembers to donate Wall Breakers or Healers.
  11. Jump Spells are actually useful for Barbarian rushes. Make sure to use them next to a wall, though, or that is a waste of money! Having 2 or more Jump Spells is ineffective.
  12. TOWN HALL 7 and UP only! After unlocking the Barbarian King, this is how I would use him. I send in all my regular Barbarians until they move in far enough. Then I send in myBarbarian King so it doesn’t take as much damage.
  13. Be cautious of flying units that come out of enemy’s Clan Castle. Only Lightning Spells or your own Clan Castle troops will be able to damage them.
  14. This goes along with 13. If your enemy’s Clan Castle is full of Wizards or Dragons, try to deploy your Barbarians far from the Clan Castle. Splash damage is a Barbarian’s nightmare.
Conclusion:Thank you for reading this strategy on Barbarian Rush. I will add any more tips that I remember.

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