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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: 7 – The Mix-Up

By March 1st, 2022No Comments

Try this effective attack strategy for Town Hall Level 7.

Town Hall Level:
Trophy Level:
Introduction:Hi! I’m going to show you a nice tactic for resource raiding (you aren’t going to get a lot oftrophies though).
Army Composition:Minimum Housing Space Required: 160

Troop TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakers2-53

If there’s free space left you can fill that up with Goblins or

  1. Deploy Giants next to the Air Defense (if it’s not near the closest deployment point, go search for a village that has 1 Air Defense exposed or easy to reach with Wall Breakersand Giants combined).
  1. Launch Wall Breakers.
  1. Let the Healer out to heal the Giants. Also let the Giants take out some defenses or help them by deploying Wizards next to them when a Giant is getting shot.
  1. Let the Barbarians destroy the outside and Goblins destroy the inside (resources).
  1. Be sure to destroy buildings in corners if you go for 3 stars.
  1. Enjoy the destruction of the village.
Conclusion:In the end you should get a mix-up of troops destroying your opponent’s village. Also, try to get Giants as powerful as possible, and if you want to go for a village with 2 Air Defenses, get Giants to destroy one and Barbarians the other. Both should have 1-2 Wall Breakers.

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