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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: Any – The Desperate Hunt

By June 16th, 2022No Comments

Try this effective attack strategy for Any Town Hall Level.

Town Hall Level:
Trophy Level:
Introduction:One of the main things in Clash of Clans is upgrading stuff. Well of course that costs money of some type, and it’s hard to just sit there tapping on your Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, etc. AndGems aren’t too easy to earn or obtain. That’s why if you need money badly and fast, try this strategy.
Army Composition:
Troop TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakers102
Giants10+ (optional)
ArchersRemaining capacity3
  1. Now to make this work, first go to a base that has a lot of loot. (If you need Dark Elixir, make sure the base has it)
  1. Now first when you think you’ve got a place that does not have too many defenses all in one place, use 5 Wall Breakers at once. Don’t use all Wall Breakers at once, or all at the same location. See how it goes and if you’re successful try planning somewhere else that’s good to use.
  1. Hold and deploy all Goblins at once. You will see the Goblins retreat to all the resources they can first get to. If you did it correctly, you should get tons of loot.
  1. Now of course the defenses are firing a lot. Make sure you use Archers too. Hold and spread out the Archers so they can go and get all the defenses.
  1. Optional: If you happened to carry the Giants, make sure you aim those at usually the strongest defenses first. Make sure there several Giants and not just one.
  1. If you also want some Trophies, try to get the Archers to get the Town Hall. Hopefully you win and managed to get a lot of loot. If not try the alternate method.

Alternate Method: When you first get to the base, use the Archers first and make them get all the defenses first. Once you got most or all of the defenses then proceed to the normal way of using some Wall Breakers and Goblins. This method requires less Wall Breakers also. Just make sure the Archers get the big defenses and if not try Giants. Then proceed with the Goblinsgetting the loot.

Conclusion:Hope this worked! Have fun Clashing!
Estimated Amount: 40,000+ (Recommended, if possible)

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