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Clash of Clans Push Trap

By April 18th, 2022No Comments
  • The Push Trap is a trap in the Builder Base.
  • It pushes ground units through the air that are within its unit capacity, and has no effect on air units. Tapping on the Push Trap shows with an ‘X’ where affected troops will land.
  • It does no damage to units alone.
  • Upgrading the Push Trap only increases the number of unit capacity it pushes.
  • The Push Trap, like any other trap in the Builder Base, does not need to be re-armed.
  • The Push Trap does not need the Master Builder for construction, however, the Master Builder is required for upgrading.
  • The Push Trap can affect a certain number of ground troops, determined by its spring capacity. The spring capacity is the total spring weights of the units on top of the trap.
    • Skeletons spawned by the Drop Ship have a spring weight of 1.
    • Raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers have a spring weight of 2.
    • Bombers have a spring weight of 4.
    • Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts have a spring weight of 8.
    • Night Witches and Hog Riders have a spring weight of 12.
    • Super P.E.K.K.As have a spring weight of 25.
    • While game files reveal that the Battle Machine has a spring weight of 25, the Battle Machine is effectively immune to Push Traps.

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