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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: 6 – Flying Gods

By August 19th, 2022No Comments

Try this effective attack strategy for Town Hall Level 6.

Town Hall Level:
Trophy Level:
Introduction:This depends on what Barracks you have, how much Elixir you have and time.
Army Composition:Minimum Housing Space Required: 120

Troop TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakers52

This is the less expensive version. For higher levels, replace the Balloons with 1-3 Dragons and add a few Giants, Wall Breakers and Archers.

  1. First, use 2 or 3 of your Wall Breakers to open up a space, and deploy ALL your Giants. Make sure you make a space near the Air Defense or it’s going to be hard.
  1. After a while, when you taken out the Air Defense with 2-5 Giants remaining, use ALLBalloons concentrated on one place; this will make it more effective and resistant to Archer Towers.
  1. Once most of the defenses have been taken down, place your remaining Wall Breakersand make space for Wizards; the Wizards should take out mostly everything except for theTown Hall and Clan Castle in a few shots. With hopefully some of the Balloons to help, it should be really straightforward and be a definite win.

Dragon strategy: first of all, like the first strategy start, destroy the Air Defense with Giants and some Wall Breakers to make space. Deploy a Dragon and wait till it takes out all defenses; this may take time because it doesn’t go for defenses first. Archer Towers shouldn’t be too much of a problem due to their high hitpoints and the low damage the Archer Tower does to their health. You could either just wait and destroy everything or place Archers or any other troops.

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