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Attack Strategies

Clash of Clans Attack Strategies: TH: 7 – Hero Defending

By July 23rd, 2022No Comments

Try this effective attack strategy for Town Hall level 7.

Town Hall Level:
Trophy Level:
Army Composition:Minimum Housing Space Required: 180

Troop TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Minions1212472 DE
Wall Breakers531010,000
Rage Spells2146,000
Lightning Spells1318,000
Totals18072 DE
98,560 Elixer

Barbarian King and Archer Queen (if you have her). If you have additional space, add more Barbarians or Archers. Clan Castle troops are also useful.

  1. Deploy all Giants as a meat shield for Wall Breakers.
  1. Deploy all Wall Breakers by Giants.
  1. Deploy all Barbarians spread apart by the area the Wall Breakers destroyed the Walls.
  1. Deploy all Archers and Minions, same method.
  1. Deploy Clan Castle Troops.
  1. Deploy both Heroes at the back.
  1. Cast Lightning Spell by Town Hall.
  1. Cast Rage Spells on large groups of troops fighting together.
Conclusion:With this strategy, I usually get 100%, and if not at least 1 star.

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