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Clash of Clans Jump Spell

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  • The Jump Spell allows all ground Troops and Heroes to jump over Walls.
  • It is one of two spells unlocked at level 4 Spell Factory; the other one being the Freeze Spell.
  • Jump Spells have no effect whatsoever on units that can bypass Walls, such as air units, Hog Riders, Miners, Headhunters, the Grand Warden and Royal Champion. The Jump Spell also will not affect the behavior of the Wall Wrecker.
  • Upgrading the spell will increase its duration on the battlefield (the level 3 Jump Spell lasts three times as long as the level 1 Jump Spell).
Clash of Clans Jump Spell

Offensive Strategy

  • Make sure to always use the Jump Spell near Walls! If you accidentally use the Jump Spell elsewhere, it will have no effect, wasting the spell, your Gold and your time.
  • This spell is more effective on doubled or tripled Walls; otherwise the spell is not utilized to its maximum capability, making it much less valuable to use.
  • Especially with the new Wall Breaker AI, Jump Spells can be quite useful for getting Troops deep into the interior of a base. Once Wall Breakers have initially breached the exterior Walls, any new ones tend to be attracted to adjacent cells rather than those behind the breach. A Jump Spell, however, can be placed behind the initial breach to quickly allow Ground Troops access to the second layer of the base where the storages and heavy defenses (Mortars, X-Bows, etc.) are typically positioned.
RadiusRandom RadiusBoost TimeTime to CreateSpell Factory Level Required
5 tiles4 tiles1s45 minutes4
LevelCost GoldNumber of PulsesTime Between PulsesUpgrade Cost ElixirUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level Required
229,000600.3s4,000,0005 days6

Clash of Clans Troops

Tier 1Barbarian • Archer • Goblin
Tier 2Giant • Wall Breaker • Balloon • Wizard
Tier 3Healer • Dragon • P.E.K.K.A
Dark Elixir TroopsMinion • Hog Rider • Valkyrie • Golem • Golemite • Witch • Skeleton
HeroesBarbarian King • Archer Queen
SpellsLightning Spell • Healing Spell • Rage Spell • Jump Spell • Freeze Spell

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