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Clash of Clans Rage Spell

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  • The Rage Spell creates a translucent purple ring on the battlefield that boosts the movement speed and damage of any friendly units inside the ring. In the case of Healers, the Rage Spell increases their healing by a similar amount.
  • The Rage Spell’s effect lasts for 18 seconds.
  • The Rage Spell has a reduced effect on Heroes, only granting 50% of its damage and speed boosts to them.
  • There has been a great deal of confusion regarding whether the ‘damage increase’ listed is additive (+130% damage) or multiplicative (damage * 1.3). After multiple independent tests, it has been confirmed that the increase is indeed additive, meaning that troops under the influence of a level 1 Rage Spell do 130% more damage than those that are not; i.e. their damage (D) is calculated as follows:
Clash of Clans Rage Spell

Offensive Strategy

  • The Rage Spell increases each individual unit’s damage by a fixed percentage (which increases as the spell’s level rises). Because of this, the spell is most effective when using it with high-damage Troops such as P.E.K.K.As and Dragons.
  • Although they deal no damage, Healers can take advantage of the spell as well, as it will cause them to heal faster (and reduce the need for Healing Spells while the Rage Spell is active).
  • The most effective placement of the Rage Spell is to position it approximately 3-4 squares toward where your Troops’ next target will be; this will give your Troops the maximum amount of time inside the Rage Spell’s area of effect as they destroy their current target and move to the next one. If you drop it directly under their feet, they will quickly move out of its range once they have finished with their current target.
  • The Rage Spell goes well with the Healing Spell.
RadiusRandom RadiusNumber of PulsesTime Between PulsesBoost TimeTime to CreateSpell Factory Level Required
5 tiles4 tiles600.3s1s45 minutes3
LevelDamage BoostSpeed BoostCost GoldUpgrade Cost ElixirUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level Required
2140%2225,000450,0002 days3
3150%2427,000900,0003 days4
4160%2630,0001,800,0005 days5
5180%2833,0003,000,0007 days6

Clash of Clans Troops

Tier 1Barbarian • Archer • Goblin
Tier 2Giant • Wall Breaker • Balloon • Wizard
Tier 3Healer • Dragon • P.E.K.K.A
Dark Elixir TroopsMinion • Hog Rider • Valkyrie • Golem • Golemite • Witch • Skeleton
HeroesBarbarian King • Archer Queen
SpellsLightning Spell • Healing Spell • Rage Spell • Jump Spell • Freeze Spell

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