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Clash of Clans Freeze Spell

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  • The Freeze Spell is one of two spells unlocked with the level 4 Spell Factory; the other one being the Jump Spell.
  • The Freeze Spell is used to temporarily disable defenses and/or ground and air troops from the enemy Clan Castle within a small radius. Until the spell’s duration finishes, the affected enemy units will neither move nor attack (or heal, in the case of a Healer being frozen).
  • Enemy Troops that are not within its radius when the spell is cast are unaffected by the Freeze Spell, even if they move into the area of effect while it is still active.
  • It is the least expensive Elixir Spell in the game, due to it taking only one spell space compared to two or three for other Elixir Spells.
  • The Freeze Spell can freeze both Ground Troops and Air Troops.

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